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Campaign Title: Your Health Is Your Wealth: Men’s Health Conversation Time

Date: TBD 

Time: Noon – 1:00PM

Description: ATTENTION ALL MEN:  Do you know what screenings and vaccines you really need?

Men live about 5 years less than their female counterparts.  Men have a higher death rate for most of the leading causes of death like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and suicide.  Men see their general practitioner for routine visits 50% less than women. 

Join me for a quick review about specific men’s health needs. I look forward to answering your questions. 

Presented By: 

Kharia J, Holmes, M.D.

Moderated By:

Kharia J. Holmes, MD – Internal Medicine

Link: *Coming Soon*

Password: privia

Audio conference: +1-415-655-0003

Access code: 185 662 1555


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