Provider Transitions

RIMG is pleased to welcome the arrival of new providers to our team!

Dr. Lalithy Gudipaty joined our Endocrine team in mid-May with a part-time schedule.

Dr. Michal Moskowitz joined our Behavioral Health team in mid-June with a part-time schedule.

Dr. Agiua Heath joined our Internal Medicine team the beginning of July with a part-time schedule.

Dr. Eleanor Tanno will be joining our Family Practice team in mid-August.

Allison Behette, CRNP will be joining our Internal Medicine team in mid-August.

RIMG will miss our providers who are leaving or retiring from the practice:

Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Samuels have retired. They are very deserving of the opportunity to enjoy life with family, friends, and lots of traveling.

Regretfully, Dr. Dorokhine is unable to return from extended leave and Dr. Schlamminger has relocated to Germany. Please note that our new physicians are accepting new patients.